Makings of a Tent

I need a lightweight tent big enough for me and the pup. I have been drooling at the tarptents from Tarptent for many moons, but they are somewhat pricey especially with the Cdn dollar these days. Plus I wanted a prettier colour.

Night 3 – The Tiffers

Jan 16, 2016 The plan was to sleep in a quincee. The second plan was to sleep in a snow coffin. The weather did not decide to cooperate for either ideas.  A rain storm made much of the snow vanish and turned the rest into uncooperative chunks of ice.  We will sleep in a cool snow…

Night 1: Dufferin County Forest

January 1 arrives as it does:with all the pomp and ceremony you care to muster. I do appreciate that we (as a society) feel the need to mark the arrival of a new year, and the departure of the old, as an occasion to celebrate. It is delightful.

100 Sleeps

Well, it’s 2016 and what have you done? Another year over, a new one is just begun. So call it a resolution, or a challenge, or an adventure, but…. I am going to sleep outside for 100 nights this calendar year.